2nd weigh in

Went in for week 2…another 5lbs! So that brings it to a total of 13 in 2 weeks. I’m not complaining! 🙂

Pretty soon I’ll be adding fruits and veggies back in. But until then, not bored yet with what I make. That is always a good thing!


Thought of the day.

If you have cravings, just have a lick of what it is! Then you will satisfy the craving and still keep on track. I may or may not have done this recently with chocolate peanut butter, and black bean juices.

On exercise and support

One of the many downfalls of gaining weight in the last few years is I have had zero energy, and in a lot of pain. I used to love exercise, and it was causing me even more pain than I was in. I am now exercising daily – even if just a walk – for at least 30 minutes, and feeling great. It definitely helps keep me motivated (along with the results I am seeing!).

It really hasn’t been hard. The only thing that kinda stinks is when people (not many, thankfully) have made comments about how “weird” it is, or how they would NEVER do it, and how can you not cook for your family anymore? Well as to the latter, I have a self-sufficient husband, and for me this is working. I felt my health going downhill fast enough that I knew I needed to do a major change, and I was not going to cop out and do surgery (I know for some it is the only option, but it is actually for very few. Most people, sadly, do it because they want a “quick fix” or do not want to do the work to get back in shape. I KNOW people who have done this, and guess what? You can still gain the weight back even with gastric bypass, and they have!

Statistically, my results are similar to surgery but I am actually learning stuff too. Many Doctors have told me – I work in the medical field, remember – that they always put their patients on something like this first, and many don’t get the surgery because this works and why do the other? But I digress. My main point is that whilst this is not the “easy way out”, sure it is not for everyone, but I do not feel that people need to be negative toward ME about it. Wouldn’t work for you? How do you know that if you haven’t tried? Regardless, it is not you that is doing this, it is me, so all I ask is that you offer me support, or keep your mouth shut – especially if you call yourself a friend!

I’m just rambling now. I am going to wait for my husband to get off his conference call, then we are going to the gym. He is coming with because he supports me, and we like doing things together. Win 🙂

8 is great!

Had my first weigh-in last night…8 lbs the first week! Yay! I know it won’t be like that on a regular basis, but it sure does give one motivation to continue, if you ask me 🙂

Days 1-4, and some ramblings

Wow, I’m sure off to a great start, aren’t I? I had plans to write daily, and I still do…just been a little crazy, I guess. Or I just need to manage my time better! A little of both, I suppose.

So this weekend is the Western Regionals for roller derby…I was going to go with Dave to Portland, and originally we were going to go for closer than a week. I used to live there and have friends there and wanted to go for more than just derby (and I had planned on, in all likelihood, going to only the last day of Westerns anyway). BUT…I got a new job – which I LOVE! – and I couldn’t go…so Dave is only going for the tourney.

I had not planned on watching it much, to be honest (my good friends who I still talk/hang with know what went down and why I left RMRG and am still a bit sensitive about it…but I like to keep it classy and would never discuss it here. Besides, who knows, MAYBE someday I will go back!), but I logged on Friday when I got home from work to hear Heather (Mizz Communication) and see Dave online and I ended up being sucked into the whole night, and today (Saturday) as I get some stuff done around the house. It reminded me how much I *do* love derby, and how my heart was broken, and how I need to find a way to fix it. I am going to the Rapids game tonight with Julia (Alda to the derby peeps, sorry but I think it is silly to call people by their derby names when they are not actively in a bout or event) and I kinda want to stay home and watch the Oly/Rose bout!

Wow way off topic…anyway Saturday is the middle of Day 4. So far so good. I am not going to weigh myself yet, I want to get through a whole week. The first day was bad, I had the shakes a lot and was starving all day, but the rest has been surprisingly…NOT like that. I have a TON of energy, am not hungry, and the only thing I see is I am a TEENSY bit emotionally sensitive 😉 The Doctor who is overseeing this told me after the first week any/all side effects should be gone.

Did you know that if you keep it UNDER 1000 calories a day, you do not get hungry? That is something I have read in several places about this diet. BUT, you need to be on a medically supervised diet to safely do that. But what do I know, I am not a Doctor.

So, whilst this was being headed up through the research department, it is not a clinical trial for a new product. It is a well-known medically supervised diet, but UCD SOM wants to make sure that it has their own results to offer this when the Health and Wellness Center opens next spring. So there is a group of 6 of us who are the trial patients for a known program. If that makes sense?

I may keep track of what I eat every day, but I am not in the mood to catch up for the last few days. Basically I eat 5 packets a day of this powdered meal replacement, but you can make it into all sorts of things. I have had shakes, of course, but also baked potatoes, pizza, muffins, cupcakes, soups, crackers, and more! You can make all sorts of things with it, with minimal additives. The total calories is 800 a day but with the additives it runs about 850-900 a day. It has 150% of what you need for vitamins and such each day.

I have committed to this for the full 5 month trial, and depending on the results, I may continue for a bit longer. I have gained a LOT of weight since I moved to CO, and I am feeling the health effects. It is truly scary. I am only 35, I should not have these problems!

So here we go!

Attempt #470

I can’t even remember how many blogs, personal websites, journals, etc I have had over the years. However, I (may) have something to write about now!

I am going to use this (I think!) to keep track of a program I am starting tomorrow. It is a meal replacement program through my employer (University of Colorado School of Medicine). I start tomorrow! I am nervous and excited at the same time!

I took “before” photos just now, as well as measurements, etc…but I sure as heck am not posting those…yet.

I hope this goes as well as I think it will in my head!