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I’m still doing it

Been a weird couple of weeks. I’m still doing well overall, but I have hit the first of what I’m told will be “a few” plateaus.

Last week, at my weigh in I gained 1 pound. That just threw me for a loop. It really did affect me the rest of the week. The Saturday night before, I had my first official splurge and had some pretzels at poker night. Even with overestimating the calories, I was only at like 1200 for the day. So with that, and the fact I eat 800-900 daily, I was a mix of frustrated, pissed off, and depressed. My RD said it was probably retaining water after all that salt, but still. This program is overall easier than I thought it would be, but make no mistake, it is REALLY effing hard sometimes. And the last 2 weeks have been the worst 😦

This week, I lost 3lbs. I know I should be happier about it than I am. I figure with the gain of the week before, I’ve lost an average of 1lb a week these last 2 weeks. When considering I’ve lost about an average of 4lbs a week, it feels frustrating. I know that most peoe don’t lost that much regularly but most people also don’t do a medically supervised program or research study like I am.

All in all, I’ve lost 30.1lbs as of my weigh in last night. Day 1 was September 20, so it is still just under 2 months. I am happy about it even though I don’t sound like it right now.

I am going to do an experiment of sorts this weekend. I just found out yesterday that Dave and I will be going to Toronto for 6 days in a couple of weeks. I am SO excited! But, I also know that I’ll basically be off this. I mean I’ll bring my travel blender and make shakes for breakfast and snacks every day…but I won’t have a fridge in our hotel room so it’s not like I can cook almost a weeks worth of food and keep it fresh there. I talked to my RD and she said you know, try to eat lots of salad and veggies and stuff, but let’s get real – I’ll probably have something less healthy. My experiences with Tim Horton’s have been less than stellar (4 different locations in 3 different cities, all of them meh) so I’m thinking it’ll be something like pasta or something. OMG, bread too! 😉

So anyway, about my experiment: so when I had those pretzels last week, I definitely had more than a serving but not like the whole bag (or even close to half). They were flavoured, so greasy AND salty. While they tasted good in my mouth, I started feeling bad within 30 minutes and my body and stomach were telling me for TWO DAYS how much it did not appreciate those. Ugh, so not worth it! Which really, is a good thing to know and remember 🙂

My wonderful husband and I will be out and about on Saturday, mixing errands with fun stuff. I have decided I’m going to eat some pizza. I’m planning for it – going to make sure to stick to my plan the rest of the day (one splurge doesn’t mean the whole day is shot!) and try to eat slow. What I want to see is, when it is something that is not simply junk (I eat my pizza very sparse), how will I feel? Because again, with the trip in a few weeks, I’d like to get an idea what it may feel like now so I know my new limits, instead of finding out the hard way whilst on vacation, if you know what I’m saying.

Anyway, I know I’m doing well but I admit I’m in a bit of a funk. I’m trying to figure out how to get out of it and recognize my successes. I know “on paper” what they are but I’m just not FEELING it right now 😦

5th & 6th weigh in

Wow, slacker city. The last weekish has been busy, stressful, and did I mention stressful?

On my 5th weigh in (LAST Tuesday), I had lost 3.6 pounds. Huzzah! But yesterday…wow. So let me just say, in the last week, I had NOT worked out. One bit. Also, I had my first “cheat” of the program. On Sunday, I was at the Rapids game, and I was starving. I had tried to eat right before, but I was not hungry – when I was practically forcing down the apple, I knew I was not hungry. But once I got there, I could not stand it. I wanted nachos or pizza, but my husband smartly got peanuts. Still, I probably ate half the bag to myself! I tried to balance it by not eating dinner that night, but I still knew I went way over. With all that said, I lost 5.4 pounds! WHAT!!!!

So my total now is 27.1 pounds lost in the last 7 weeks. And FINALLY, for the first time yesterday, I noticed a difference. This made me extremely happy. What motivation to stick to it!!!

What I ate: yesterday

Weekends are a little different for me than weekdays. Weekdays, I usually eat smaller meals, and frequently. Weekends I tend to sleep in, then with whatever I have going on I tend to be “off schedule” – as compared to as workday when breakfast, lunch, and dinner are more “normal” times.

First off, brunch. It was about 11:00am and I could not decide if I wanted a more breakfast-y meal or more with a lunch feel. I went for breakfast.

“French Toast”, with sugar-free syrup (not pictured).

I really like this recipe. I have had it a few times. It has the texture of a more eggy french toast…though next time I may cook it in a pound cake pan, as I would rather have smaller thicker pieces.

Next up, was an early dinner around 5. I got hungry before that, but I just did not have a chance to make a snack. And the Doctors and RDs running this are of the opinion that while you should eat when you are hungry, the bottom line is calories in vs. calories out in a 24hr period, regardless from time of day. They also want you to keep to your regular eating habits. Mine happen to be a few bigger meals spaced out during the day on the weekends.

On the left: a salad of sorts. It is packaged as a coleslaw mix, but it is actually cabbage, a bit of red onion, and then broccoli and carrots. Super yummy! I have been using this as a salad base more often than lettuce, especially if I am making something as simple as this. This is 2 servings, with 1 serving (2T) of fat free ranch dressing.

On the right: baked potato. YUMMMMM. It has a bit of a salt free spice blend and some “I can’t believe it’s not butter” calorie free spray. Also some fat free sour cream on the side (mixed with a tiny bit of reduced fat to make it more creamy). I did not eat all of that sour cream, although it was measured and I could have! Usually I try to keep my baked potatoes ~6oz; small, yes, but then you get the benefit of the veggie, the taste, and not all the extra calories. They are about 20 calories per ounce. And since I am not eating bread, rice, pasta, or anything “white”, it is a great carb fix.

As a snack (a bit later than a normal dinnertime)…

Green apple. That’s it. I have been making my apples more like Cracker Barrel baked apples lately, but I wanted to save the extra ~40cal for dessert. It should be noted that this is the first time since…I don’t even know when – at least childhood, if ever, that I ate an apple as it is. I always insisted (as a child and adult) that my apple be cut. I did not like the feel of biting into a whole one. I sort of liked it last night.

And last…dessert (a bit late as my husband got home late):

4th weigh in

Well, not as dramatic, but still – going down rather than up is what I want! Another 2lbs; so down 19 total! Not bad for a short period of time. I was, once again, feeling bloated and gross (I will spare the details) so maybe next week will be better! But I won’t complain!

Other than my husband, skiddos, coworkers, and fellow group members (10 of us in this group), no one has really seen what I eat these days. Many assume it is just shakes as it comes in a powdered form. I have shakes for breakfast every weekday, and they are delicious, but that is also because 1) I am not much of a breakfast person anyway, and 2) I am usually running late!

This morning, I had pancakes with maple syrup:

My breakfast today

My breakfast today

I apologize for the quality, I am eating it at my desk as I type this, and there is a window directly in front of me and to my left, and I did not worry about lighting.

Anyway, it is delicious! They are NOT burnt; for some reason, every time I have cooked with maple extract (these, waffles, and another dessert type thing) the edges always look burnt but it tastes the same as the rest.

This is one meal replacement. With that, and the additives (including syrup), this whole breakfast was 180 calories, with high protein. The pancakes taste like pancakes. Sure, sugar free maple syrup is not as good as the real thing, but as a whole it is great (and to eat pancakes with maple syrup while on a diet is great for the mind. I’m telling you, this is more about mouth feel and your head than anything else, though everything I have had except one recipe I have tried tastes great, IMHO). The syrup is also good on baked apples 🙂

I have definitely learned a few things that I know will be sticking with me even though I am nowhere near my research run commitment: one, is that you can do a LOT with extracts, and spices, and not add any calories (or very few if you use things like Molly McButter, etc). It tastes pretty much the same!

I also realized how much salt I was eating, and now, how things that I would have never thought were salty before (even bland), I find WAY too salty now. I may have mentioned before, I have a taste here and there of what Dave cooks, and it has really helped any cravings I get. Sure, I get cravings, but I have yet to give in and also they are SO MUCH more infrequent than I would have imagined.

I can say with confidence that I do not think it will be hard at all to continue through my commitment time, which includes through the holidays. And if I cheat once, so what? It is only once. I know from experience that once you train your body to eat well, splurging on something may be fun in your mouth, but you will feel like crap after and look forward to going back to your healthy ways.

I started out doing the 5 MRs a day and nothing else, but now I am doing 4 a day plus 5 servings fruits and veggies (2 and 3, respectively – though for me it is more like 1 and 4 or 0 and 5 as fruit is not my favorite, but you definitely have to limit your fruit). You MUST eat 4 a day while on this, as 4 packets equals 100% of all of your vitamins, minerals, and balance of everything you need (actually lower than what you need in fat, and high protein). Even on a day when I eat a LOT, I still have yet to go over 1000 calories. 800-950 is the norm. Another reason it is medically supervised!

I will try to make this more of a habit of taking photos of what I eat! I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to lose weight and more importantly, learn lifelong habits!

3rd weigh in

I was very worried about this one. I know the dramatic loss will stop soon, but I was hoping for 1-2 more weeks of it. Also, I was very bloated, retaining water like woah, and had not exercised for over a week (per my Dr.). However, with all that said, I am down another 4lbs! This makes 17 total in 3 weeks. I’ll take it! 🙂

I admit after this week break it is HARD to get motivated to exercise again. I love how I feel when I am done, but it is getting there that is hard. I was all gung-ho to get to the gym tonight, but then I came home…let out the dogs…decided to start cooking something to eat later tonight for dinner, and next thing I know I was in my PJs.

What are some things you do to get yourself moving? Apparently, for me, telling myself how good it makes me feel and how much more it will help my health is not quite enough…